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Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment
for Combat Forces use Worldwide

Permethrin Insect Repellent Cothing Treatment used by soldiers operating in extreme environments where maximum protection from the harmful effects of biting insects and the diseases they can carry is required.

Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment

Military Forces personnel are increasingly aware of the rapid spread of West Nile virus and other Malaria-related diseases such as Dengue fever, Filariasis, Lyme disease, Leishmaniasis, Arboviral Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, and Yellow fever. Vector-borne diseases are now the world's biggest killer, i.e. three million deaths annually. Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment is a well-proven aid to fighting this growing world health problem.

Permethrin P-40 insect repellent clothing treatment is the most recent addition to the arsenal of protective repellents, and is the most effective clothing impregnant available. Its primary mode of action is contact toxicity, particularly against crawling arthropods such as ticks, chigger mites, fleas, and lice. Permethrin also acts as a contact repellent against mosquitoes and biting flies. It is odorless, non-irritating, and resistant to washing and wear abrasion (rubbing off).

Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment is bound so strongly to most fabrics that detergent and water will not remove it. A significant level of Permethrin P-40 remains in a treated uniform through multiple launderings.


Permethrin P-40-treated clothing offers a new passive approach to control of human lice which was not previously feasible.

Other cloth items such as mosquito netting, camouflage helmet covers, ground covers, and tentage (with the exception of vinyl-coated temper tents) may also be treated in the field. Temper tents that have a vinyl-urethane finish cannot be treated with Permethrin. Because the finish is water repellent, Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment solutions will simply drip off. By treating uniforms and other articles such as tents, bed and head nets, and camouflage helmet covers, flying arthropod populations in a limited area may be reduced, since arthropods which land on treated fabric will be killed.

Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment is available in 150ml, 15ml and 10ml bottles and can be used to treat hot weather (100-percent cotton) and temperate (50-percent/50-percent nylon/cotton; woodland or desert camouflage) military field uniforms, BDUs etc. DO NOT APPLY TO SKIN.

Simply treat uniforms by soaking in Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment diluted in water (as per label & instructions) before deploying, or as soon as possible once deployed. Once treated, DO NOT DRY-CLEAN PERMETHRIN-TREATED UNIFORMS. Dry-cleaning will totally remove the Permethrin P-40.

Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment should be considered as esssential Field Sanitation kit - inform your Quatermaster today!

CONTAINS: Permethrin (SYNTHETIC Pyrethroid)

AVAILABLE SIZES: 150ml, 15ml, 10ml

SHELF LIFE: 5 years if stored below 122°F / 50°C

BATCH SIZE: 25,000+

COMPONENTS: Bottle, White, High Density polypropylene
LABELS: Screen printed, single color light yellow

QM DETAILS: Stowage: Away from boilers, below 122°F / 50°C
Storage: Normal warehouse conditions. Stable.
Store away from direct sunlight and heat above 122° / F50°C

Made in the USA

Biting insects can impact health, comfort and morale!

Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment is not available to the general public, it is sold only to Armed Forces, Government Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies. Our products are sold in bulk (please see "Batch Size" above) against funded and budgeted requirements of Military units protecting our country, not the impulse purchases made by members of the public in supermarkets.

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