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Caplock LLC is staffed with dedicated and highly qualified professionals, key personnel being given considerable autonomy and flexibility to provide innovative solutions to the rigorous demands of the defense industry in international markets.

We are constantly pushing technological barriers to develop new products and enhance the performance of existing designs to meet the specific needs of our Military customers.

We are committed to providing prompt and personal customer support, both technical and commercial, in an increasing number of countries around the world. Our expanding global network is a sign of this commitment.

Caplock LLC has earned an international reputation with the development of many useful and innovative products. Our product development philosophy is simple, we have taken the time to learn about the needs of our customers, and we listen.

Quality Assurance

At Caplock LLC we continually strive to achieve the highest possible standards in all aspects of our business operation. The high quality of our products and services is reflected in our Quality System. Key contractors and vendors involved in our product manufacturing are all world class companies with ISO 9000 certification.

QA inspection
Our friendly staff are always here to answer your questions

Customer Service

Caplock LLC operates a centralized product service facility which backs up the front-line service provided by our local representatives. Our highly skilled and experienced personnel are always at your service. We are committed to providing prompt and personal customer support to Combat Troops, Armed Forces Units, Government Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies, in over 40 countries around the World.

Customer Support

Caplock LLC strives to establish close, long-term working partnerships with customers. In doing so, we develop the trust and co-operation necessary to create true competitive advantage for our customers' business operations. Our extensive range of products and support services provides a cost-effective solution to any customer challenge. Caplocks extensive network of local representatives have both the technical and commercial expertise necessary to provide a high standard of service.

Customer support from Caplock is paramount to our success


Product Training

Our post sales support is designed to maximize customer access to information and assistance, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Training courses are available to ensure our customers' staff are fully acquainted with every aspect of the product or services provided. Courses are held by arrangement at customer nominated locations.

Caplock offers product training seminars to customers covering all aspects of our products, their use and applications

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