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Caplock LLC - Contact Information
How to buy our military products


For Camtech Camouflage Cream orders, pricing and military enquiries within the UK and Europe - Please contact:

Caplock - UK
6 Brookside Close,
Dorset BH23 8BT,
Int. +44 (0)1425 673142
NCAGE Code: K1F27   Caplock UK address

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Camtech Camouflage Cream stockists within the UK - Please contact:

Camtech camouflage cream UK stockists



Cadet Direct Limited
Drop Zone Supplies
Genuine Jayjays Limited
Recruit Packs
Dragon Supplies UK Limited
Garrison PRI
HM Supplies Limited
Hanger 39
ODIN Tactical
John Bull Military Clothing
Soldier Of Fortune
Cadet Kit Shop
L.A.S. Outdoors (Leith Army Stores)
The Kit Monkey
Dixies Corner
Armex Direct Surplus Limited Phone: 01388 775659
Troopers, 5A Military Road, Colchester, CO1 2AA Phone: 01206 511268


Camtech Camouflage Cream stockists throughout the remainder of Europe - Please contact:

Camtech camouflage cream stockists in Europe



4D d.o.o. - Slovenia
SPECOPS Sp. z.o.o. - Poland
Promoteq AB - Sweden


For Camouflage Cream and Personal Combat Medical Equipment® products, orders, pricing and military inquiries within the United States of America and for Export - Please contact:

Caplock LLC
174 Georgia Avenue,
Rhode Island 02905,
Int. +44 1425 673142
NCAGE Code: 30UR4   Caplock USA address

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